Determining the Kinetica Connection URL

The URL for connecting to Kinetica can be found within the Azure Services Portal.


A Microsoft Azure account with the appropriate permissions is required to look up the Kinetica hostname.

  1. Log into the Azure Services Portal using the following URL:
  2. In the Navigate section, click on All resources.

  3. In the list of resources, select the Managed application corresponding to your application.

  4. In the Settings section, click on Parameters and Outputs.

  5. In the output section at the bottom of the parameter list, the output column for the hostname parameter contains the value that will be used as the fully-qualified domain name (<azure.fqdn>) in connecting to Kinetica. It should be of the form:


This gives us the two parameters we need to connect:

  • <azure.fqdn> - for example,
  • <> - portion of <azure.fqdn> before the first dot (FQDN with the domain removed); for example, ab-cde-fghijklmnopr

See below for how to use these values to assemble the URL needed to connect to various Kinetica applications.

Common Kinetica URLs

Application URL
Workbench https://<azure.fqdn>
Reveal https://<azure.fqdn>/reveal
API https://<azure.fqdn>/<>/gpudb-0
JDBC jdbc:kinetica:URL=https://<azure.fqdn>/<>/gpudb-0;CombinePrepareAndExecute=1[[;<parameter>=<value>]*]