Managing Kinetica in Workbench

Suspending & Resuming the Warehouse

You can suspend and resume Kinetica through the Workbench. Suspending the warehouse will allow you to reduce compute costs by releasing compute nodes that are not used.


Suspending and resuming Kinetica takes a few minutes. While the warehouse is suspended you will not be able to execute queries, but you will still be able to connect to the Workbench and resume the warehouse again.

Backing-up & Restoring the Warehouse

You can back up Kinetica data through Workbench. Backups can be used to perform a complete data restoration from the point in time the backup was taken. A backup can be requested while the warehouse is in a running state; there is no need to suspend it first. Restoring data from a backup, on the other hand, does require the warehouse to be suspended first.

Clicking on Snapshots, will display two lists:

  • Activity - Backup jobs that either are in progress or have failed (not shown if none are in either state)
  • Backups - Completed backups, ready to be used to restore the warehouse

To perform a complete backup of all data in the warehouse, click Backup Now.

To cancel an in-progress or failed backup, click the Cancel for that job's entry in the list.

To perform a complete restoration of all data from a snapshot, click the Restore for that backup's entry in the list, making sure the warehouse has been suspended first. To delete a given backup, click its associated trash can icon.

Managing Users & Roles

In Workbench, you can add additional users and assign them roles and permissions, under Manage > Users & Roles.


Create User


Create Role

The following Workbench permissions are able to be granted or revoked:

UserManagePermission to create and manage users & roles
WarehouseManagePermission to manage the warehouse, including backup, suspend, and seeing when upgrades are available and use the management functions under Management -> Warehouse


A warehouse restart is required for a newly created role to become active.

Managing Resources

Kinetica provides the following predefined resource groups that can be used for prioritizing queries:

NameDescriptionSchedule PriorityMax Tier Priority
PlatinumHighest scheduling priority; highest eviction priority1009
GoldHighest eviction priority; medium scheduling priority759
SilverMedium scheduling priority; medium eviction priority (default)507
BronzeLow scheduling priority; low eviction priority255

Upgrading Kinetica

If a new version of Kinetica is available, you will see a notification in the upper right hand corner of Workbench.

Clicking on Upgrade, you will see a list of available versions.

Once you choose to initiate the upgrade, the warehouse will be suspended until the upgrade process completes.

Changing the Administrator Password

To change the administration account password, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Workbench as the administrator

  2. Click Admin > Password in the top right corner

  3. Enter the Current Password

  4. Enter a New Password that meets the password strength requirements (up to 1024 characters)

  5. Enter the same new password in Confirm Password

  6. Click Update to update to the new password