Kinetica in Azure Overview

Kinetica in Azure is an Azure Managed Application. For more details on Azure Managed Applications, see the Microsoft documentation:

Some of the benefits of Azure Managed Applications are:

  • No need to be concerned with infrastructure complexity or configuration
  • All resources are provisioned into the customer's Azure Network
  • Azure infrastructure costs are billed to the customer’s Azure subscription
  • Kinetica in Azure is fully managed and monitored by Kinetica


Customers will have read-only access to the Azure resources provisioned into the Managed Resource Group. Those resources will be managed and maintained by Kinetica.

Provisioning Kinetica in Azure
Detailed instructions for deploying Kinetica in Azure
Resource Management
Resource Management in Kinetica, including Tiered Storage, Scheduling, Allocation, & QoS
Security features of Kinetica
A guide to administering Kinetica
Configuration Reference
An overview of the Kinetica in Azure configuration