Installation & ConfigurationΒΆ

Kinetica provides both command-line & GUI-based installation options and a GUI administration tool. Tiered Storage and resource groups can be configured to manage resources and request priorities. Role-based security can be enabled at the user level, while HTTPS & encrypted file systems can provide security at the system level. Inter-cluster fault tolerance and load-sharing is also available. Lastly, a configuration reference covers all aspects of the Kinetica operating environment.

Detailed Kinetica instructions for local, cloud-based, and Docker installations
A guide to upgrading Kinetica
Resource Management
Resource Management in Kinetica, including Tiered Storage, Scheduling, Allocation, & QoS
Security features of Kinetica
High Availability
High availability for Kinetica
A guide to administering Kinetica
Configuration Reference
Reference for the configuration file