The Dashboard is the home page for the AAW user interface. It provides a detailed summary of all entities stored within AAW as well as their status. Click Refresh All to refresh the Overview graphs and the entity tables below.


The Overview displays a graph for each entity type: Ingests, Datasets, Models, and Deployments. Each graph is divided into portions that represent n entities that occupy one of six statuses. These statuses are the same for every entity but may mean different things for each entity. The statuses are as follows:

  • Pending -- entity is defined and ready
  • Created -- entity has been successfully created
  • Starting -- the container to handle the eventually-running entity is deploying to the Kubernetes cluster
  • Running -- entity job is running
  • Completed -- entity job has completed
  • Failed -- entity job has failed and exited
  • Terminated -- entity job is stopped


Click See More to navigate directly to the entity's section in the AAW UI.


The rest of the Dashboard comprises a table for each entity.

  • Type into Filter to filter down the entities in the desired table.
  • Click one of the status tabs at the top of the table to filter by status.
  • Click an entity to open its Details page.
  • Click show to any display archived entities.
  • Click export to export the entity table's values as JSON or CSV.


If there are no entities of a given type available, an Add <entity> button will be displayed in the table