Click Jobs in the top navigation menu to access the Job Manager interface.


The Jobs section is only available to users with the System Admin permission.


The Running page shows a list of currently executing jobs. Jobs can be cancelled by selecting them and then clicking Cancel Jobs, though most jobs are processed quickly enough to be finished by the time they appear in the job listing. The listing is automatically refreshed at a selectable interval, but can also be refreshed manually by clicking refresh. Jobs can be searched for using Filter.

The User Data field corresponds to the user-defined tag submitted when making the request, specified via the job_user_data options parameter. Click userdata to view it.


Insert, update, and delete requests cannot be cancelled. Otherwise, most user-facing non-admin jobs are cancellable.



The Recent page shows a list of recently executed jobs and the completion time for each. The number of recent jobs displayed can be selected by clicking the Show Last drop-down. The list can be manually refreshed by clicking refresh.