URL: http://GPUDB_IP_ADDRESS:GPUDB_PORT/create/user/internal

Creates a new internal user (a user whose credentials are managed by the database system).

Input Parameter Description

Name Type Description
name string Name of the user to be created. Must contain only lowercase letters, digits, and underscores, and cannot begin with a digit. Must not be the same name as an existing user or role.
password string Initial password of the user to be created. May be an empty string for no password.
options map of string to strings

Optional parameters. The default value is an empty map ( {} ).

Supported Parameters (keys) Parameter Description
resource_group Name of an existing resource group to associate with this user
default_schema default schema associate with this user

when true, a home directory in KiFS is created for this user The default value is true. The supported values are:

  • true
  • false

Output Parameter Description

The GPUdb server embeds the endpoint response inside a standard response structure which contains status information and the actual response to the query. Here is a description of the various fields of the wrapper:

Name Type Description
status String 'OK' or 'ERROR'
message String Empty if success or an error message
data_type String 'create_user_internal_response' or 'none' in case of an error
data String Empty string
data_str JSON or String

This embedded JSON represents the result of the /create/user/internal endpoint:

Name Type Description
name string Value of input parameter name.
info map of string to strings Additional information. The default value is an empty map ( {} ).Possible keys are:

Empty string in case of an error.