URL: http://GPUDB_IP_ADDRESS:GPUDB_PORT/show/system/properties

Returns server configuration and version related information to the caller. The admin tool uses it to present server related information to the user.

Input Parameter Description

Name Type Description
options map of string to strings

Optional parameters. The default value is an empty map ( {} ).

Supported Parameters (keys) Parameter Description
properties A list of comma separated names of properties requested. If not specified, all properties will be returned.

Output Parameter Description

The GPUdb server embeds the endpoint response inside a standard response structure which contains status information and the actual response to the query. Here is a description of the various fields of the wrapper:

Name Type Description
status String 'OK' or 'ERROR'
message String Empty if success or an error message
data_type String 'show_system_properties_response' or 'none' in case of an error
data String Empty string
data_str JSON or String

This embedded JSON represents the result of the /show/system/properties endpoint:

Name Type Description
property_map map of string to strings

A map of server configuration parameters and version information.

Possible Parameters (keys) Parameter Description

Boolean value indicating whether the system is configured for multi-head ingestion.

Possible Values Description
TRUE Indicates that the system is configured for multi-head ingestion.
FALSE Indicates that the system is NOT configured for multi-head ingestion.
conf.worker_http_server_ips Semicolon (';') separated string of IP addresses of all the ingestion-enabled worker heads of the system.
conf.worker_http_server_ports Semicolon (';') separated string of the port numbers of all the ingestion-enabled worker ranks of the system.
conf.hm_http_port The host manager port number (an integer value).
conf.enable_ha Flag indicating whether high availability (HA) is set up (a boolean value).
conf.ha_ring_head_nodes A comma-separated string of high availability (HA) ring node URLs. If HA is not set up, then an empty string.
info map of string to strings Additional information.

Empty string in case of an error.