Using Tableau with Kinetica

Tableau integrates with Kinetica through the Kinetica ODBC driver. The driver can be installed from GitHub.


To visualize maps from Kinetica-hosted datasets, see Kinetica Geospatial Visualization for Tableau.

Once you have installed the ODBC driver, follow the steps below to view your Kinetica data from Tableau.

  1. Create an ODBC DSN for your Kinetica instance/schema using the ODBC Data Sources Windows application

  2. In Tableau, select the Kinetica DSN


  3. Once the ODBC connection has been made, you will see your schema in the Select Database options. Select the schema


  4. Select the table containing the data you want to view


  5. From a sheet, configure the fields as needed. In this example, the "x" field is set as longitude and the "y" field is set as latitude.


  6. Add the fields you want to view and the type of display