KAgent Installation

KAgent can be deployed as a RHEL or Debian/Ubuntu installation package on any server inside or outside the cluster. After copying the KAgent package to the target server, deploy it using the standard procedures for a local package:

  • On RHEL:

    sudo yum install ./kagent-<version>.<architecture>.rpm
  • On Debian/Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install ./kagent-<version>.<architecture>.deb

This installs the package to the directory /opt/gpudb/kagent and registers and starts the kagent_ui service. KAgent will open port 8081 on the local firewall (if enabled).


If Kinetica is to be installed via KAgent, but managed via command line, the etcd configuration management service will need to be managed separately from the database & system management processes. See Managing Kinetica Services for details.