Logging in AWS

Kinetica logs and metrics are sent to AWS CloudWatch so that you can monitor Kinetica's health and performance alongside other components of your analytic pipelines.

Application Logs

To view the logs, click on the link in the applicationLogs key in the CloudFormation stack outputs:


In the search box (Filter log streams or try prefix search), type gpudb to search for Kinetica log events:


Logs Insights

Alternatively, you can use CloudWatch Logs Insights to craft specific log queries. Select the log group you used above (e.g., /aws/containerinsights/pd-may9-gpu-s-06914661b091/application) and then enter a query. For instance, the following query returns the 20 most recent log messages for the Kubernetes gpudb namespace which contains the Kinetica database logs:

fields @timestamp, @message
| filter kubernetes.namespace_name like /gpudb/
| sort @timestamp desc
| limit 20

The query and results in Logs Insights: