7.1 Release Notes

Publish Date: 2021.07.08


Kinetica is now also available as a managed application in the Azure Marketplace!

  • Streamlined provisioning process simplifies setup and gets you up and running in 30 minutes
  • Pay-as-you-go option allows you to pay for what you use, billed through Azure
  • Infrastructure provisioned into your Azure subscription, but monitored and managed by Kinetica (Azure Managed Application)
  • New Kinetica Workbench simplifies SQL analysis and collaboration (replacing GAdmin)
  • Easily ingest data from developer's local environment into Kinetica's marketplace instance
  • Easily set up streaming ingestion from Kafka, AWS S3, and Azure blob storage from within Kinetica
  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs), Graphs, and ML models can be managed & executed via SQL
  • Integrated performance monitoring with Azure Monitor
  • One-click upgrades


  • Support for streaming from Azure, Kafka, and S3 data sources
  • Support for shapefile ingestion
  • Added managed credential framework for authenticating to external data sources and model repositories, in SQL and natively
  • New SQL commands for managing & executing UDFs
  • New SQL commands for managing & querying/matching/solving graphs
  • New SQL commands for managing & executing ML models
  • Support for looking up specific granted permissions and roles, in SQL and natively
  • Improved KiFS and its integration within the database

Geospatial/Network Graph/Visualization

  • Enabled distributed solves for name (string) based property graphs
  • Added feature attributes to the Vector Tile Service output
  • Added new Eulerian Paths solver, useful for fraud detection; see MATCH_LOOPS solver type in /match/graph
  • Added graph statistics, including diameter, average valence, clusters, average and maximum cluster sizes available as STATS_ALL solver type in /solve/graph
  • Added new Centrality Closeness solver, useful for fraud detection; see CLOSENESS solver type in /solve/graph
  • Added max_truck_drop_limit to the Multiple Supply Demand solver
  • Added ability to export SVG embedded html output for Multiple Supply Demand solver for real time dynamic simulations with routing animation (speed adjustable for tracking)
  • Added API endpoints for creating and retrieving WMS videos; can be overlaid on many basemap providers
  • Enabled distributed shortest path solves for non-geospatial graphs
  • Added maximum solution targets limit for Centrality and Page Rank solvers for performance tuning
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes


  • Support for ML management & execution commands via SQL
  • Automatic completion and teardown of batch mode model jobs
  • Improved logging (custom log levels, redirection etc.)
  • Server level performance and stability improvements
  • More efficient reporting of model running state in user interface


Version 7.1.5

Build Date: 2021.08.13


  • New SQL commands for managing files & directories in KiFS
  • New SQL command for loading Reveal dashboards from GitHub, Amazon S3, or a local file
  • Added support for data sources on public S3 buckets and Azure BLOB stores
  • Added data sinks, which are references to external systems that can receive data streamed from Kinetica, in SQL and natively
  • Added filter-based triggers for detecting changes in data over time
  • Added a default set of libraries for use with Python UDFs

Geospatial/Network Graph/Visualization

  • Added graph security
  • Ported non-path solvers to work with partitioned graphs
  • Added graph elasticity on cloud deployments


  • Added support for uploading & downloading of files from a client using KiSQL
  • Added multipart uploading of files to KiFS in the Java API



  • Enabled multipart file uploading, which removes previous limits on the total file sizes allowed by the drag & drop uploader
  • Track & contour rendering options added to Map widget
  • Scatter plot chart added as visualization option for SQL query block


  • UX streamlined with various workflow improvements