Kinetica has some limitations with current features and has removed support for some legacy features.

Feature Limitations

  • No type inferencing for JSON file ingest
  • Limited support for ALTER TABLE with JSON columns
  • Correlated subqueries have the following limitations:
    • They cannot reference grouping columns in the parent query
    • They cannot reference tables beyond the immediate outer query; i.e., a table cannot be referenced in a correlated subquery that is two or more levels of nesting deeper than it is
    • They cannot contain disjunctive conditions
    • They cannot be part of an OUTER JOIN ON clause condition

Legacy Features

  • Store-only columns are no longer supported
  • Disk-optimized columns are no longer supported

Not Yet Supported SQL

  • Windowing Features
    • Frame Exclusion (EXCLUDE)
  • Ranking Functions
  • Writing CSV files