Workbook Explorer

The Workbook Explorer can be used to manage Workbooks.


Workbook Explorer Tab

To access the Workbook Explorer, in Workbench, click the Workbooks tab of the left-hand navigation pane.

General Features

At the top of the Workbook Explorer tab are several workbook actions:

  • Search box - filters displayed workbooks, by name
  • Refresh icon - refreshes the list of displayed workbooks
  • + icon - adds a new workbook

Workbook Lists

The Workbook Explorer has two lists of workbooks:

  • My Workbooks - workbooks created by the current user
  • Examples - workbooks that are provided with Workbench for exploring the various features of Kinetica
  • Shared With Me - workbooks shared with the current user

Clicking on the name of any workbook will open it in the right-hand pane. If a workbook is open in the right-hand pane, is will be marked Open in the Workbook Explorer.