Kinetica Workbench

The Kinetica Workbench is the primary interface for interacting with the Kinetica database. Here, you will find:

  • The Data Object Explorer, which shows you all of the database objects in your database
  • SQL Workbooks, which organize and store your SQL code and visualizations
  • An Import/Export Wizard, which helps you import data into the system in a guided workflow
  • Management screens that assist you with starting/stopping the database and other administrative tasks.

Workbench Landing Page

Connecting to the Kinetica Workbench

To connect to the Kinetica Workbench, navigate to the cluster's hostname in a web browser. See Determining the Kinetica Connection URL for instructions on looking up the connection information.

You can connect to the Workbench by opening up the hostname in a browser; for example:

You will be prompted to enter the initial administrator username and password you specified in the provisioning process.