Configuration Reference

Kinetica in AWS is automatically configured to optimize performance in the cloud environment. Noteworthy configuration features include:

Features that are not part of the existing Kinetica in AWS deployments:

  • Intra-cluster host failover
  • Inter-cluster failover
  • Vector Tile Service (VTS)
  • System auditing

Default Ports

The default ports used for communication with Kinetica and various important services follow.

Port Function
80 The non-secure listener for Kinetica application & connection traffic; will redirect automatically to the secure listener on port 443
443 The listener for applications (Workbench, Reveal, etc.) and connections (APIs, JDBC, etc.)
5432 The listener for PostgreSQL Wire Protocol connections
9002 Table monitor publishing server port. Users of database table monitors will need the ability to connect to this port to receive data generated via the table monitor.